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trade and crafts

Led by industry standard tutors, our trade and crafts department offers the most detailed specialized trainings on various handcraft jobs. A well crafted course outline ensures our learners get the best skills.

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This department offers a wide variety of courses ranging from decorative cosmetics to skin care, hair care, perfumes and tolls for the trade. Activ8 ensures trainees are well equipped to excel in a challenging service sector of the economy.

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Moving away from the unsustainable practices of conventional agriculture, this department leverages on the advancement in the field of modern day agriculture to bridge the knowledge and yield gap to end food insecurity in Nigeria.

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creative arts

This department offers a space for artist of all kinds to refine their talents in the most innovative ways to remold Africa’s strong cultural and creative arts heritage. Taking a step further, this department is presenting creative arts in the light of the current digital economy.

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culinary services

Based on global standards, we at Activ8 Innovation Academy provides learners with the skills set to provide the most outstanding culinary services. We also equip our learners with knowledge on how to remain competitive in one of Nigeria’s fastest growing and most profitable sector.

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