Tech Services

Product Design & Development

Bespoke design and Product development services for clients, from concept development to manufacturing including Simulation, Failure Analysis, Testing, Modeling & Validation and Training.

Incubators & Accelerators Programs

We offer guidance, seed funding, venture capitals and skills trainings, networking opportunities with industry connections focus on rapid growth and mentorship to form product or service.

Data Management Systems

Software solutions tailored to help customers aggregate, manage, analyze and understand and their data at scale. We want customers to be able to ask simple questions simply.

Web & Mobile Applications development

Fully responsive web and mobile application development, tailored to customer specification. Cross platform applications design with the most suitable framework and techniques available.

Manufacturing & Engineering Services

Manufacturing and precision engineering services ranging from CNC Machining & Fabrication to complete Process/Plant Design & commissioning with expertise in Automotive assembly & component manufacturing and General processing equipment.

Activ8 ICT Trainings

We are pleased facilitate the rapid growth of your Information and Communication technology skills from which ever level to the top of the chart.
We have different courses coordinated by the best hands in the industry with years of experience.

Activ8 makerspace Provides

24x7 Access
Conference Room​
Wireless Printing/FAX​
Gigabit Internet​
Week's Supplies​
Flexible Work Space​
Mail Delivery​
Pet Friendly​

Activ8 Maker Space to make
your greatest impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Institutional/ government sponsors
  • International educational outfits
  • Professional bodies
  • Universities and knowledge centre.
  • Development agencies
  • Government agencies and programs.
  • Other innovation hubs and Labs in Northern Nigeria
  • Tech network and infrastructure providers.
  • Development and provision of training materials and facilities.
  • Collaboration with other training outfits in and out of the country.
  • Provision of accommodation.
  • Model farms.
  • Provision of makers space.
  • Investment and portfolio management and alot more…

Any interested and motivated individual.

You can contact us using the contact form or our any of our social media handles for any enquiry or visit Activ8 Innovation Academy @ No….. Yakubu Avenue, Ungwan Rimi, kaduna State. Nigeria.